To help you learn so much faster, all project files are available for our tutorials, and we always add quality bonus project files for you to study and use for your own projects.
We keep things organized to help you understand the structure of each file you download, and also making it easier for you to edit and add any small modifications you need, so it works exactly with your ideas.
Photo Designer Objects Mega Pack
Available now for students!
The Photo Design Objects Mega Pack is a full package filled with 60 High Resolution PNG files which are designed help you kick-start new ideas for your composition photography work. It includes the following:
Learn everything you need to know to get started with Adobe After Effects.
2 hours and 15 minutes tutorial to help you get started. 11 chapters.
10 fully animated demos to show you how to use the files in After Effects.
60 High Resolution detailed cutouts PNG files.

Learn how to animate a car, how to animate a Giraffe, how to animate light, and much more.

All demos and tutorials included and available when you sign up at our Online Photo Editing Lessons from our Patreon Page.
Download After Effects and Photoshop files
After Effects files are fully animated with layers and no plugins required, and can be edited after your choice. Photoshop files are layered and organized, ready for your further editing. New project files added frequently. Designed with Adobe Photoshop CC and After Effects CC. Preview the animated projects below.
Included in your subscription once you sign up.
Psssst, while you are downloading...
You will still have access to our tutorials, it's all included in your $10 payment.
Tutorials and lessons
Our Patreon page is designed for everyone, and we understand that not all are interested in our tutorials, but are more interested in downloading our files. This is what makes us a great place to hang out, as you are constantly being inspired by either lessons, project files, or short tips and tricks. We are constantly adding new materials for you to download.
Photoshop Project Files
Our Photoshop project files are available as PSD, and every layer is named to make it is easier for you to navigate through it. Play around, make your own small tweaks (change text, insert logo) and post your final image as your own. We do not need to be credited for your work.

Note: Our Photoshop project files may not be shared online, through portable devices, or any other classes, despite any modifications you have made. You are free to share your final renders and call it your own.
After Effects Project Files
Our After Effects files is for you to use freely. Study the animations, add your own ideas, replace text and logos, and render it to your audience. It's all up to you. We have made it easy for you, so can quickly make any small modifications you may need. Note that some of our inspirational animations may not include music or sounds in the project files, because we ourselves have purchased licenses so you can be inspired. We do make our own sound recordings in our studio, but sometimes we have to go shopping to match the audio as we imagined it for a particular scene. Third party audio files/licenses are prohibited to share for further distribution, and we honor that code.

Note: Our After Effects project files may not be shared online, through portable devices, or any other classes, despite any modifications you have made. You are free to share your final renders and call it your own.
Fonts and Plugins
We always let you know what fonts we use in the introduction section for a project file. We only use free fonts, and we always add the link to the font file, so you can go and download it yourself. 

We NEVER use third party plugins for any applications. Our projects are designed to work with Adobe products without you having to worry about third party plugins and additional costs to your software.
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