Thank you for taking the time to read our FAQ. Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we are receiving.
Do you provide free tutorials?
No. We love to work professionally and give our members the best learning experience. Darren Wilden (teacher) is an educated designer and he has worked with some of the biggest studios in the industry such as Games, Books, Commercials, Video Productions.
Why Patreon?
We want to bring the best to our members, and Patreon matched our agenda and setup perfectly.
Where are you located?
Denmark (Scandinavia), However, to accommodate students, followers and fans from around the world, all the things we do are done in English.
What am I getting for my $10?
Two professional Photoshop tutorials each month plus bonus content, free access to project files (PSD), free access to inspirational files (PSD), tips and tricks, bonus content, and of course professional support to help you learn. Early 2020 we will also be starting up our first Adobe After Effects classes, to help students make their photos come alive.
In what resolution are the tutorials recorded?
Full HD 1080p spoken in English.
Do I need to have any editing experience?
No, and even though you are experienced with editing photos, the tutorials will go deeper to teach you how to train your mind to bring more creativity into your work. Our classes are for all.
Which software do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CC. We will always be up-to-date so we can bring you the latest features from Adobe. Darrens.Media and DarrenWildenDotCom are not affiliated with Adobe. You can download a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop by visiting
Are your tutorials designed for desktop and laptop computers?
Yes. We only provide tutorials for Windows, Mac PC and Tablets. We do not provide tutorials designed for the purpose on how to edit your photos on portable devices such as phones or tablets.
Does Photoshop support my computer?
As much as we would like to help you setting up Photoshop on your computer, we cannot provide you with IT support. We are a learning and inspirational channel, so please address your IT related questions to your nearest tech support.
Are there any requirements to my photography equipment?
No. It doesn't matter if you use your phone or digital camera to capture your photos, the editing process is the same.
Do you have other sources where you post your materials?
Yes we are active on social media, and you can follow us on these three channels.
Do you have any additional questions?
We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have, so don't hesitate to write us.
Thank you! We will read your message and return to you as soon as possible.
Greetings from the country where H.C. Andersen was born.
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